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The Pavilion, Lammas Park, Culmington Road,
Ealing, London W5 5JH


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Croquet has been played in Lammas Park, albeit not continuously, since the early years of the twentieth century. You can read more about the formation of the club in our History of ECC. Below are a selection of the latest tournament results and other club news.


Armenian Evening Inspires Interest

Towards the end of last year Ealing members Annie Kasparian and Simon Tuke spent an enjoyable evening demonstrating the basics of croquet to the Youth Group at the Acton Armenian Centre.

With a lightning fast floor conditions were interesting, but using some training cones we contrived to create two ad hoc matches, with the girls playing the boys. The girls won both matches, despite being on average younger than their opponents; doubtless this will have given them bragging rights for months to come!

We hope to welcome the group to the club soon, when the youngsters will be able to experience the game as played on grass, with proper hoops.

Our warm thanks to the Armenian Centre for their hospitality.

History of croquet

Games in which a ball had to be knocked around a course of hoops or obstacles with a mallet were popular in seventeenth and eighteenth-century France. One of them, “Paille Maille”, was introduced to London, where it was played on open ground near St. James’s Palace – later becoming known as Pall Mall. It is to these roots that many croquet historians look when trying to explain the origins of the game.

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History of ECC

Croquet has been played in Lammas Park, albeit not continuously, since the early years of the twentieth century.Since the opening of the park in 1883, Ealing Council has promoted sporting activities. By 1907, in addition to the usual avenues of trees, flower beds and a tea chalet, there were two bowling greens and a cricket pitch with shelters for the players.

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