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The Pavilion, Lammas Park, Culmington Road,
Ealing, London W5 5JH


Taking the bisque

With the traditional season-opening fixture between Ealing and High Wycombe Croquet Clubs for the Lloyd Pratt Mallet being postponed due to coronavirus, Ealing had the temerity to claim that the match had in fact been played in virtual form, and that they had emerged the victors in a close-fought contest.

Various players then weighed in to assert that they had performed prodigious feats in the match, such as triple peels and running thirty-yard hoops.

Not to be outdone, High Wycombe made the witty riposte that they would be prepared to deliver a virtual mallet to Ealing in recognition of their ‘victory’.

Proof that, even if we are not able to indulge in our favourite pastime of ‘chess on grass’, we can still engage in a bout of verbal chess.

An honourable draw in this instance, methinks.

History of croquet

Games in which a ball had to be knocked around a course of hoops or obstacles with a mallet were popular in seventeenth and eighteenth-century France. One of them, “Paille Maille”, was introduced to London, where it was played on open ground near St. James’s Palace – later becoming known as Pall Mall. It is to these roots that many croquet historians look when trying to explain the origins of the game.

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History of ECC

Croquet has been played in Lammas Park, albeit not continuously, since the early years of the twentieth century.Since the opening of the park in 1883, Ealing Council has promoted sporting activities. By 1907, in addition to the usual avenues of trees, flower beds and a tea chalet, there were two bowling greens and a cricket pitch with shelters for the players.

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