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SECF GC Handicap League Away to Cheam
17 July 2021

Report by Dr Ron Carter

Ealing Team: Ron and Annie: David Graham: Roger Mayhew in his first ever GC Handicap match

First of all, we got there ! So easily as it turned out, despite the usual GPS mis-directions down closed roads, in well under an hour’s journey including a gentle cruise through Richmond Park at 20 mph, being overtaken by cyclists. Cheam welcomed us warmly, led by their Chairman, Jacky Waite, to their single lawn set-up shared with a small Bowls section on a self maintained 42 yard square bowling green inside a local Park with a children’s playground, tennis courts, and a Park Cafe, so really very much like Lammas Park.  Club membership 60+ with a waiting list, so much greater pressure on their single lawn.

You will note that I’m avoiding talking about the match itself, which we lost by 3 games to 6: principally because I played badly, dragging Annie down with me in the first Doubles match, while David and Roger creamed their opponents 6-1 in the second Doubles: 3 singles losses before lunch put Cheam well ahead, before Roger pulled off his second win 6-5. Annie nearly pulled off an heroic comeback from 6-1 down, just missing a 5 yard hoop run on the 12th., and again lost out with David on a very tight 3rd. Doubles match to give Cheam the win. Their all-male team had handicaps of 6,7, and two 8’s, granting them 31 extra turns to our 5 overall: no wonder we struggled !!  A very enjoyable day in great weather, pity about the result, and rounded off in style by mine host David Graham. We cooled off in his garden post-match, and discovered he’s co-habiting with two very civilised, well-travelled and politically active sheep!

I do hope some of you High Handicappers reluctant to travel, or play in League matches are beginning to realise what fun you’re missing out on.