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Caterham Best-Of-7



The intrepid Ealing AC team visited Caterham on Saturday 5th June for a League match on good (and increasingly fast, as the sun shone, and shone some more) lawns, and in glorious sunshine. In retrospect, the scoresheet looks slightly strange, as the match result was an extremely narrow 4-3 victory, but none of the individual games was particularly close.

Colin and Simon, after both having difficult mornings, turned things around for good wins in the afternoon in their reversed games against the same two opponents. David and Tony both had good breaks in the morning doubles, to win fairly comfortably. In the afternoon Tony used his four bisques effectively against a slightly off-form low-handicap opponent, to win convincingly.  In the closest match of the day, David got a few hoops ahead of his opponent, but as the time limit loomed he was overhauled. With no bisques for either side, David’s game really exemplified why we shall be pressing for matches in the “U” league to be played on a “full-bisque handicap” basis, with a base of perhaps 8 or 10, in future years.

Anyway, top of the League again with a 100% record and two Home matches to come later this month.