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Final GC “R” League match of the season


On Saturday 18th September, a lovely day for Croquet, the unbeaten Sussex County team came to conquer our mid-table cohort, having steamrolled through Reigate, Littlehampton and Tunbridge Wells, losing only 2 games from 21 in their last three matches.

In the opening Doubles, David Graham and Bridget Goodman rapidly discovered why the opposition had this record, as Sussex Captain David King, partnered by the familiar figure of Andrew Fall, rapidly won the first game 7-1. In his singles match a rusty Fred struggled against Linda Gavigan, who was playing well above her 7 Handicap. In contrast, the doughty Gill Humberstone dispatched Phil Harrison, a GC 5, in two straight games. Fred finally overcame Linda in a tight third game, to leave Ealing 2-1 up at lunch, with the Doubles match won by Sussex in the third game.

With all to play for after the break, Bridget got into her stride and blew away Andrew Fall in 2 games – Ealing 3-1 up! Sadly that’s as good as it got, with a sub-par David Graham losing to his opposing captain, and Phil Harrison finding his form to sweep aside Fred. 3-all, and all eyes on Annie, who wasn’t expecting to play, replacing a migraine-stricken Gill against Linda, who was still playing very well. Despite some great hoop-running, and good clearances, Linda squeezed past Annie in 2 close games to give Sussex their fifth straight win in this League.

Well played Sussex, we’ll get you next time!