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The Pavilion, Lammas Park, Culmington Road,
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Honours Even



Ealing hosted Hurlingham on 23 April in its annual GC match, which alternates each year between the clubs. The match lived up to its friendly status by ending on four wins each, so it was agreed not to have a penalty shootout to decide the match (hitting the peg from the boundary) in order to keep honours even.

The Ealing Team comprised Christine Mason (12) (captain), David Graham (3), Margaret Page (7) and John Hutchinson (7). The Hurlingham Team comprised Ludolph van Hasselt (3) (captain), Gavin Trechman (8), Maxine Green (8) and David Horlock (9). Games were played using advantage rules, but handicaps were reasonably balanced, so hoop advantage was limited to one or two hoops.

There were eight games, with each player playing in one singles match and two doubles. The results showed Ealing to be stronger in its singles games, winning three out of four, while Hurlingham were more successful in the doubles, winning three of their four games. The match was played using our Ultra hoops, which are less forgiving. Hurlingham were unused to playing with Ultras, but quickly adapted to the challenge, as can be seen from the score.

Special thanks to Christine for organising the event and keeping everyone in order during a smoothly run and highly enjoyable contest. Thanks are also due to Wendy and Mark for providing lunch.

The Hurlingham captain sent the following message in appreciation of their day out:

We had a wonderful time today at your Club, delicious lunch, fantastically positively welcoming, challenging hoops, wonderful experience.

Report: David Graham

From left to right: David G, Christine, Gavin, Margaret, Ludolph, Maxine, David H, John.